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All lovers of word games: Explore the wonder, mysteries and challenges of a newly discovered amazing world of three dimensional anagrams with SpellCubed.

SpellCubed is a totally original game that combines words and geometry in a way never seen before in any game. There are many different options and skill levels. AND these can all be played in single or multi-player mode.There are trillions of distinct randomly generated challenges,  You will never run out!

SpellCubed features a system of System of Hints so that the Game can be enjoyably played by beginners as well as experts.

SpellCubed is easy to play but a challenge to master—with many modes and levels of difficulty.

SpellCubed  ( PC, Mac, Android and Linux)  is currently available only for beta testers—expected first release in Fall 2014.  If you want to become a tester,contact us on our Comments Page,

Here is a video intro without a computer that explains the nature of SpellCubed, why it is an amazing word game and why it is designed in such a singular way.

So how does this work on a computer? View this “Short Trip” Introduction to the computer game Spellcubed:

Guide to a SpellCubed more detailed quick start:

  1. Basics of play
  2. How to Move Cubes (Video)
  3. A First Game (Video)